Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's for Breakfast {River}

River has a "junk food problem" (translation: what a regular American eats) and I have vowed to change that.
So, I am absolutely skipping the frozen food aisle; no more fruits swimming in sugary syrup in plastic cups, artificial juice and Cheetos, etc.

I am not a perfect healthy eater myself but I am working on it and I am dragging my whole family in the bandwagon whether they like it or not.

I've been researching a lot about the dirty business behind the food industry and America has the worst practices. It is quite disturbing how these giant companies control the health of the American people.
Yes, they are cheap, but oh, you have no idea. We have been trained to pig out on food that lack nutrients necessary for the body to thrive.
So now, we are buying organic as much as we can and as much as our food budget would allow. 
I don't understand why organic and all natural food here cost so much but there is no stopping us.

River has a very strong personality (translation: bratty attitude, considering he is the youngest of 4 kids) and would scream and cry whenever he sees something green on his plate.
Yes, it drives me crazy.
Specially that he even went as far as going on a hunger strike just to make his point.
I have to force myself not to care or at least pretend to.

But now I am slowly reaching victory in this battle.
Slowly but surely.

If you live in the U.S. and you have been brainwashed into eating food from dirt cheap buffets, eating tasteless perfect shiny apples from the supermarket or soulless clone tomatoes, bland giant chickens and so on.
then it's time to wake up!
We are not invincible.
With our terrible eating habits, what are we teaching our children?
If you want to wake up like me then here are some documentaries and books that you must check out.

Dying to know the truth (documentary)

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