Monday, October 10, 2011

Have Toddler, Will Travel {Hugo}

Guess where he's going?
Hugo’s first real trip is coming up in a week. He’s only gone to his grandma’s (my mama’s) province, around 100 kilometers of Manila. That was just a road trip of about 2-3 hours. This October, we’re going farther than that. We’re going to Korea

Hugo's ID which will be in his pocket (and my bag) at all times*
We arrive in Korea at the start of autumn. As we come from the tropics, we are ill-equipped (biologically, and uhm, fashion-wise) to deal with fall. Even if I come from Baguio City (a city in the mountainous region of Luzon where temperature can go as low as 10 degrees Celsius during February) and even as Hugo seems to have such thick skin that he perspires in an air conditioned room, I am unsure of how we can deal with 17 degrees Celsius plus or minus considering the winds from mainland China. I think long sleeved t-shirts just won’t cut it. Good thing River (yes the other half of this blog) sent Hugo some of his Northern hemisphere outfits a few months ago.
Hmm, this vest will do... in 10 more months!
And then there’s the actual flight and the logistics of it all. A well-seasoned traveler mom/ friend (read: traveling with toddler) advised that it is a good idea to just have one carry on bag for the two of us (Good luck wit dat!) and one lightweight travel stroller just so I don’t carry around Hugo in all his 28 pound glory when he starts getting tired. I don’t think we can manage with just one carry on since I need to bring some stuff requested by the husband (who is currently working to get his Masteral degree in Korea). I need to bring one big suitcase to be checked-in and Hugo’s backpack, his light weight stroller (I need to ditch his 27 pound Quinny Buzz for the lighter Inglesina Swift, more on this later), and if I'm lucky, my purse as carry-on. Sounds like a lot, considering that Hugo should be considered as another piece of luggage as I'm sure he will not pull his weight.

 All set...
And what about crying babies onboard the plane? I was advised to give Hugo a dose of paracetamol an hour before flying to help relieve the pain in his ears. Hugo’s pedia went one step further and prescribed Disudrin (paracetamol/ decongestant which can help kids sleep). I have a bag full of entertainment supply for the little person in case he gets bored. If he does cry his lungs out, well, he won’t be the first baby to do so. So that’s that.

So here we are, five days and counting. I am part excited, part tired just thinking of it. It will be an experience of a lifetime for sure. 

*The backside contains information written in English and Hangeul about him, his travel documents, and his basic medical information, as well as information about us, our contact details, and our itinerary, so he can find his way back to us in case he gets lost. Not that I plan to lose him.

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