Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What River Wore.

hat from target $10, O.P shirt I don't remember, jeans from H&M $10

 Thank God for gifts! To clothe four kids and two adults isn't a joke. 
I think I've mastered the art of dressing everyone in the house within (or sometimes under) the budget.
It's an art, I tell ya!

I get a kick out of calculating what I'm wearing from head to foot and sometimes staying within the $5-$10 range. Yes! And I'm fully clothed and with shoes on!

Amongst everyone in our large brood, River has the most expensive pieces.
I don't understand why boys have the least choices in the market and they are more expensive compared to girl stuff.

Paul Frank Beanie from Target $12, sweater-gift, skinny jeans from H&M-$10
he doesn't really like getting his picture taken.

Puma jacket-gift, pants from H&M-$10

I'm so glad he loves dressing up. I remember when I bought this black plaid hat, he was around two years old. We were getting ready to pick up his sisters when on the way out, he ran back inside, I followed him and I saw him in front of the mirror putting on his hat.
I think I will have to hold on to this hat so he can give it to his own son someday.

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