Monday, November 21, 2011

Through the Little Person's Eyes

Sometimes it's easy to forget that Hugo sees things for the first time, most of the time. (He is just a year old after all.) For example, the World Cup Museum (which is not frequented by tourists/ visitors) in Seoul held so many wonders for the little person. Usually, when he's not strapped in his stroller, he likes pushing it himself. When we were in the Museum, however, he literally looked at his stroller and then back at the row of balls on display, as if he was torn between the two. 

He chose the balls.

He stared at this for a good 10 seconds.

It was like that too when we went to N Seoul Tower. And no, he was not impressed with the tower. He went crazy over the Teddy Bear Store. You can just imagine how amazing it was for him to see rows upon rows of teddy bears. We gave him a little bear which he immediately hugged, and when his Dad handed him a bigger bear, he promptly dropped that for the upgrade. 

Here's the upgrade (the Panda). If he knows how to sigh, he must have sighed here.
We had to peel him off this bear.
Good thing too that he had yet to learn the powers of throwing a tantrum. When it was time to go, he just waved goodbye to the bears. Then again, stopped to wave goodbye to the store (while at the doorway). And then again, stopped to wave goodbye to the display.  
Even Haechi Seoul, the official mascot of the City's tourism office managed to impress him. 
This is Haechi Seoul. I wonder what Hugo was telling him/ her. (note how he is waving his finger at him/ her)

Going back to my original point, I suppose I need to rewire my brain a little and show the little person around this big world of ours with more care and effort. Older people take things for granted most of the time, but seeing a child's amazement over the smallest of things will really make you stop and look around. People laugh at me when I say I want to take Hugo to the Manila Zoo, saying that the animals there are close to dead and suggesting that Zoobic/ Singapore Zoo/ HK's Ocean Park would be infinitely better. But really,  why wait for months, possibly years before we can take the trip and see the wonder in my child's eyes?

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