Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lazy Saturdays {what Hugo wore}

I do not profess to be a fashionista. (I am SO not.)But for some reason, I am very cautious and conscious about how my baby looks. I would like it if Hugo looked like he just stepped out of a Gap or H&M ad. River looks like he's off to a cool photo shoot most of the time and this (kinda, slightly, medyo) puts pressure on Hugo, err, me. 

I am not one to spend on my kid's clothes, especially since Hugo gains a few inches and pounds every other week. But that does not mean he automatically looks bad. I just follow a few rules that are friendly to my wallet but will achieve my original purpose. (See above on H&M. hehe.) A little creativity goes a long way, I tell you. :)

Lesson 1: there will always be a godparent/ aunt/ uncle/ grandparent who will buy the big ticket item, e.g. those that carry the four digit price tag (in pesos, Janine). So, do I need to buy Hugo a Crocs sandals? No. I just pray/ hint/ ask/ demand all I want, and Hugo will get it. Lesson 2: never say no to a sale / hand-me down/ pre-owned item. Case in point, I am not queasy about Hugo wearing second hand shoes. In all probability, the shoes' former owner does not have athlete's foot anyway. (That would be really sad.) Lastly, I believe there will always be a better deal somewhere. I scour SM, Divisoria, outlet and surplus shops, and I am always on the lookout for a better priced item anywhere. I know for a fact that the best deals are here and only a handful of people know about it.

So anyway, today, we went to visit Hugo's pediatrician and this was what he wore: Chuck Taylors, Gingersnaps shirt and plaid pants from River. The total price tag for this outfit? Oh, a little below 750 pesos or 15$. :)

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