Monday, September 26, 2011

Full House

I'm Janine and I live in a quiet neighborhood about 10 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles and around 15 minutes from Hollywood, double that with traffic. I am a mom of 15-year old twin girls, a 12-year old daughter and a son, River, who just turned four last week! 


I stay at home but I do so many things like photography, painting, making clothes and many, many more, it's impossible to write them all down. Everyday, I add more things to that list. I know! I'm crazy! The time in a day is never long enough to squeeze in everything that I do and wish to do.
My Twins

Michelle and I were classmates in high school but had separate group of friends. We really didn't get to hang out but the few times we were together were all unforgettable. If it wasn't a terrible prank she had pulled on me (that she still laughs about after so many years and I still get pissed about as much as it did the day it happened), it was a heartbreaking misunderstanding or an unexpected visit during one of the toughest situation I've gotten myself into. All those few times were memorable enough that we were able to pick up where we left off even if we were thousands of miles apart. A friendship that eventually became too solid as if distance, time and circumstance were never and are not in between. That meant hours and hours spent on chatting and those hours spent seem to never, ever be enough.

We are total opposites and yet we never really run out of things to say or topics to tackle. We are so different, no one would think we could ever get along. Our family lives most especially. Hers is way too normal and mine is way too abnormal.

We may be different in so many ways but we are both moms. She finally caught on after my #4.  I would share things that I've learned, mistakes I've done and I see to it that she learns from my mistakes and not by experience. I share the things I know well (having been a mother for fifteen long years) and she on the other hand, tries her very best to teach me how to walk straight and focus on my goals because I tend to procrastinate or change my mind way too many times that I wonder how she can keep up because I, myself hardly can.

So, anyways, the goal of this blog is to be able to document our lives as moms specially to River and Hugo. Hopefully, our future posts would inspire other moms out there who can relate to either myself who stays at home or to Michelle who is a working mom. I would share my family life in Los Angeles and her life with her family in Manila, things we do with our kids and many more.

We hope to entertain you, make you laugh and inspire you. We hope you learn a thing or two but most of all, this blog is for us, so we can look back one day and read about our own memories and see photos of our growing kids.
Would you join us as we lay each stone on this future memory lane?

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