Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Conversations with River

RIVER:"Mama, I want to go to outer space, see the earth, the moon, the sun and Jupiper!
MAMA:"how are you going to get there?"
RIVER:"I will ride a rocket ship!!!"

RIVER:"Mama, what do tree frogs eat?"
RIVER:"I'm not so sure?"
MAMA:"what do you think?"
RIVER:"chicken nuggets!"

RIVER:"Mama, what is your favorite shape?"
MAMA:"A heart, how about you?, oh wait let me guess, a triangle?"
RIVER:"no, my favorite shape is a heptagon, it has seven sides!"

PAPA:"River, what do you call this in filipino, it starts with the letter 'I'?"
(pointing to his nose)
RIVER:"Igote" (he replaced b in bigote with the letter i!)

Around three years old and teaching him words like pretty and handsome.
PAPA:"River, who's handsome? Mama or Papa?"
RIVER: "me, River!"

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